Perfect statistics from measured values

  • Your MonkeyTech device sends value with temperature
    (and humidity), our server stores those values and
    processes them for you on your page with statistics.
  • Detailed overview on your page.
  • Many sensors under one account


  • Aplikace TMEP
  • Aplikace TMEP
  • Aplikace TMEP
  • Aplikace TMEP
  • Aplikace TMEP


Detailed statistics

Get overwhelmed with informations.

More sensors

You can have many sensors under one account.

Access anywhere

Internet application for mobiles, tablets and computers.

No worries

Just create account and connect sensor.

How it works

Get MonkeyTech device, which will send measured temperature in Celsius (with procentual humidity) every minute to our server.

Setup device with instructions that come along.


How much it will cost?

Service is free for compatible MonkeyTech sensors.

How reliable is

We use our service as well, functionality is our top priority.

Love this app, can I host it myself?

Yes! Application for values visualisation is open source on GitHub. It supports one sensor, no administration and you need your own hosting with database.

Are my data backed up?

Yes! And you can download them anytime you want.

Got more questions?

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