Will you buy device or will you build your own?

Buy years-proven products from Czech manufacturers, connect existing sensors, or build your own.

I will buy a device

A number of Czech manufacturers offer high-quality products, that are already connected to TMEP. As a result, just connect the sensor to the network, set the domain in your account on TMEP.cz, which you also fill in under sensor administration and you are already measuring - statistics and overviews are starting to get alive for you. Manufacturers, listed in alphabetical order:

I'm maker

We cooperate with the popular Czech e-shop LáskaKit, which has also prepared several detailed instructions on how to connect some of the products and kits to TMEP.



Senzor prachových částic IKEA VINDRIKTNING vylepšený o čidlo CO2, teploty, vlhkosti, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi komunikaci a s vizualizací dat na TMEP.CZ

Jednoduchá vizualizace dat na TMEP.cz s ESP32-LPkit a čidlem CO2, teploty, vlhkosti SCD41 [Kompletní návod]

I want to have my own product or connect something existing, I will look in the documentation for examples

TMEP has rich documentation with a number of tutorials created by the community. These are specific talented enthusiasts who do not hesitate to share their work, and you can be one of them.

Documentation wiki.tmep.cz